Rental Terms & Conditions

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1. Quotations are valid for 28 days

2. This agreement/Contract may not be assigned to a 3rd party without prior written consent from The Provider.

3. Please ensure that all main services such as electricity, gas and water are connected and working prior to installation date along with safe and clear access to and from the property (any building works completed).

4. The Provider reserves the right to reschedule the installation due to lack of safe and sufficient access upon arrival to the site of the property, and to charge a discretionary additional delivery fee as such.

5. The Provider reserves the right to cancel or delay the order, due to circumstances outside our reasonable control, without incurring any liability for any loss or damage resulting thereof.

6. All furniture must remain at the property address. Prior written agreement from The Provider is required should you wish to relocate the inventory in part or whole and charges may apply.

7. If and when payments are made by credit/debit card, the transaction details will be stored by The Provider and used for future reccuring payments. If you pay the initial invoice via BACS transfer, we still require credit/debit card details for security.

8. Accounts in arrears will be subject to an additional charge of 4% over Barclays Bank lending rate until settled in full.

9. Rentals are monthly and cannot be apportioned.

10. You are responsible for full reinstatement, including insurance, for any loss or damage to furnishings during the period of the rental, fair wear and tear accepted of the discretion of The Provider.

11. Unless agreed otherwise, The Provider requires the initial rental period value and any additional charges, in cleared funds 7 days prior to installation date. Delivery dates & times may not be confirmed until funds have cleared.

12. This contract may be terminated by either party serving one month’s notice in writing, subject to the minimum rental term.

13. Cancellation – Orders cancelled within 48 hours of the agreed installation date will be subject to a £250 plus vat charge that will be deducted from any advanced payments (this is simply because of the lost installation time that may not be able to be re-allocated.)

14. Any quotations, images or design proposals remain the intellectual property of The Provider

15. Any collections/deliveries conducted outside of standard business hours due to client/access availability will result in additional charges.

16. Show Home / Dress for Sale furnishings are supplied on a view only basis, and not for living with or any other practical use. If used for any other purpose than viewing only, you may be required to purchase the items. Purchase of rental items can be arranged subject to rental terms and are sold as seen.

17. The agreed minimum term for this contract is displayed on your quotation in Months, starting from date of delivery. If you would like the inventory to be removed before the minimum term has ended, you are required to pay The Provider for the term in full.

18. If the inventory remains in the property beyond a discounted contract term, you will continue to pay the discounted rental for the length of the contract.

19. You accept that should any damages/alterations to walls as a result of artwork, mirrors or wall fixed furnishings – You will be responsible for the making good once it is removed. The Provider may remove the fixings and fill the holes with a neutral colour filler if requested, but The Provider will not sand/paint/decorate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]

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